About Me

Hello, and welcome to Cactus Weaver (weird name, right?) My name is Adam, I am from the UK, and spend my time trying to start businesses online and learn new skills.

Cactus Weaver is something that I have launched as my blog where I can record what I am currently up to and how I am going about doing things. It will be here forever, and is always something I can look back on.

The aim of this blog is not to make money, but something that others can follow along with, and maybe even learn something from my many mistakes.

Where it all began

cactus weaver about me

It all started when I was no age, I remember selling my old toys out the front of my Granny and Grandads house when I was about 9 or 10, I made 50p! I was hungry for money from day 1.

When I was 15, I started my first online business, an eBook store on eBay.

I realised that people will pay for stuff that can be found online for free, so, why not take of advantage of that, right? I did just that. I researched hot selling eBooks on ebay, went to google, found and downloaded these eBooks, and sold them on eBay.

Within a few months, I was a Powerseller on eBay, I remember I got Powerseller status on my 16th birthday! I was making like £200 a week, selling eBooks downloaded for free, for around £1-5 each, I actually wrote one on how to do it and sold it too! 100% positive feedback too.

I was able to put this business on auto pilot, I setup an email auto responder, which automatically delivered the eBooks once they had been paid for.

It was a massive step in beginning my online ventures, and what really got me started into running online businesses and working from home.

I have had success in a few other areas of online businesses, the first was affiliate marketing, I got into this back when Facebook had just basically took off, and I made a killing, I then got involved in web design, blogging and a number of other projects, though, they never really felt like real businesses.

What I want

My goal is to generate multiple streams of income through a number of different mediums and invest as much money as I can over the next 20 years in order to retire early. I am not aiming to become a millionaire, though, that would be great, what I am aiming for is consistent income from online and offline businesses.

Up until now, I have not really taken the whole making money and business thing that seriously, which is why I am still at this point, though, that is going to change!

Over the course of 2018, I will be working my ass off on making these things happen.


Why I am doing this?

To the point: I am doing this in order to retire early.

I hate the idea of a 9 to 5 job working for someone else, making them rich, I want to work for myself, and set my own schedule, I don’t want to be owned by a company, I want to own my own company.

My whole life, I have been doing what other people want me to do, and I am not doing it anymore! I am choosing my own path in life, and if I fail, well, I fail, but, if I succeed, then hell yeh!!

I want to be able to work from where ever I choose, be it a beach, or a boat, I want the world to be my office.

I would love to someday buy a van, convert it to a camper, and travel around Europe. This can only happen if I can generate income from my own businesses. This is my motivation!

How I am going to do it?

With my end goal being early retirement, I want to work my ass off at building multiple streams of income that I can manage with only a few hours work per week, it is going to take a lot of hard work, but I am down for putting it in.

I have a number of different ventures that I will be taking on in 2018, and I will discuss them briefly below. You can read more about them in my post, Building Multiple Streams of Income – My Plan.

Amazon FBA

Over the course of 2018, this is going to be one of my main focus points. I plan on private labelling and importing products from China, then selling them on Amazon using Amazon’s FBA service, meaning it is basically a hands off business apart from researching products and ordering them.


I already make money from trading Forex, and plan to keep doing so. The money I make is reinvested into my trading account, so I can take advantage of compound interest. I make anywhere between 2% and 15% per week, with very little risk to my account.

This money will be used in retirement, and possibly reinvested into property, or another long term investment.


I run another niche specific blog, I actually just started it mid November 2017, and so far, I am pretty pleased with how it is doing, I am getting around 50 hits per day, with 500 hits being the best in 1 day!

It has made me about £2 so far, not much, but, I plan to keep working on this project and build it up to the point where I can either sell it, or pay someone to write articles and make it a 100% passive income.

Online Courses


I plan on making a course which will teach people to trade forex the way I do and generate consistent profits from the market that so many people claim is unpredictable. I am not expecting to make thousands from this, but if I could generate £100 per month from online course sales, I would be more than happy!

Kindle Publishing

Just like my idea of online courses, I plan on launching a Kindle book which teaches normal people to trade the currency markets. Again, I am not expecting to make a killing from this, but, it will be passive income once I have the book published.


This is the last tactic of my early retirement plan, and perhaps, the most important. Every month, I invest 22% of my income with different companies and in different asset classes in order to have a diverse portfolio.

My end goal with investing is to be able to live off my investments during retirement, and at the same time, collect income from my online businesses and passive income streams.

If you have no idea who I am, or what I am about, why not follow my blog and see what I am getting up to, you may be able to learn something.