Fuel Conservation – Cut Your Driving Costs

Over the past year or so, I have been trying to cut my driving costs a lot, with the end goal being fuel conservation, which will result in money being saved, which means I can invest more in order to retire early!

This has not been easy to do by any means, and in order to achieve this goal, I have had to seriously alter my driving style, which has resulted in fuel conservation, the amount of driving I do each week, and even the way I buy my fuel.

So, how do I save money on my driving costs?

Fuel Conservation – How Much Driving do You Need to do?

How much driving do you do each week? How much of that driving do you actually need to do each week? When I asked myself this question, I really thought I didn’t do that much driving each week, about 300 miles, but, I then worked out how many miles I needed to do each day to get to work and back, and it was 122 miles per week, so each week, I was putting an extra 178 miles on the clock somehow. Now, I knew at the weekend, I would do about 70 miles, which included a trip to my Mum’s and also going out somewhere, which added to my fuel consumption and miles, but this still didn’t add up to 300 miles. If I could even cut that 248 miles in half, my fuel conservation goal would be getting somewhere.

So, after looking at how much I drove each week, I worked out that I did a lot of small trips to the local shop, which totalled at a 10 mile round trip, I knocked that on the head, I no longer take a trip to the shop each day, saving me 70 miles, which is about £8.40 of fuel being saved each week, plus money that I will save as I am not spending it in the shop.

This leaves me with 38 miles to account for; I put this down to some extra driving at the weekend, or a trip to town to buy e-Cig oil, as I have quit smoking.

Now, my miles per week, usually total around 252-260, which is about £31.20 worth of fuel, so I have cut my fuel bill by 26% each week.

Fuel Consumption – Driving Style

This is something I didn’t have to worry too much about, as my car is pretty easy on fuel as it is, but, a factor I did have to take into consideration was my driving style, and how it effects fuel consumption. I used to accelerate quite hard, not spinning the wheels and getting on like a boy racer, but I would have waited to change gear a bit longer than usual, so now, I try to drive as easy as I can, which has also made a notable difference in my fuel consumption.

Use the MPG calculator on your cars computer. I know some older cars may not have this, my 2004 Audi does, so I try my best to keep my MPG above 40, so I would usually keep an eye on the clock and try my best to not let it drop to far when accelerating and driving normally.

Bulk Buy Fuel

If you have the space, get a 1000L tank, and buy your fuel in bulk. I buy 500L of diesel at a time, which saves me about 10p a litre, compared to buying it at the pumps. I know this may not be possible for some people, but, if it is, it is well worth it in the long run, just remember to set aside some money for fuel each week.

Hopefully this article will shed some light on how you can save yourself some money driving, it is saving me around £40 per month, I use this £40 to invest in my future and early retirement. Hopefully, you too can save some money!