My Current Investments – Updated Monthly

This page is going to hold all the details on my investments gains, from robo advisor investments, to peer to peer lending. I will not go into detail about my holdings on this page, it’s just for figures. I will update this page every month with new figures.

Yearly gain starts from 1st January.
Lifetime gain starts from, well, when the investment was first made.

How I work out total gains.

Investment 1: 5%
Investment 2 3%

So, my total gain is 8%, out of 200%, so 8/200 * 100 = 4% total gain

Lifetime Gain on all Investments 

Lifetime Gain: 7.41%

Total Year Gain on all Investments:


2017 Year Gain: 7.41%


Here is a breakdown of my investments so far, and the gain I have made on them since buying/investing. I will make a note of the floating gain at the end of each month.



Lifetime Gain: 11.5%
2017 Yearly Gain: 11.5%

November: 0%


Lifetime Gain: Not Invested in any yet
Yearly Gain: N/A

Money Farm

Lifetime Gain: 1.74%
2017 Yearly Gain: 1.74%
2018 Yearly Gain:

December: 1.74%


Lifetime Gain: 16.22%
2017 Yearly Gain: 16.22%
2018 Yearly Gain:

May: 0.98%
June: 3.54%
July: 1.08%
August: 4.56%
September: 8.47%
October: 12.23%
November: 15.06%
December: 16.22%

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Funding Circle

Lifetime Gain: 0.71%
2017 Yearly Gain: 0.44%
2018 Yearly Gain:

November: 0.44%
December: 0.71%

Total Gains at the end of each month

Below I will note down what my gains are at the end of each month, some months may go down, some may go up, remember, these are investments for the long term, I do not expect them to make huge gains in a few months, though, it would be nice.

November 2017: 8.83%
December 2017: 7.41%